SQL Quick Review 

SQL is a declarative programming language, meaning that instead of writing the set of steps to be done, we write the desired result. In the case of SQL, we will be creating and updating tables.

Some Basic Functions

create table - creates a new table and binds it to a global name

select - creates a temporary table without a name

from - chooses input table

where  - filters out rows using a conditional

order by - orders rows by a column; default is ascending, can order by descending by adding desc

limit - Select some number of rows

table1, table2 - joins two tables by creating every combination of rows from table1 and table2

as - creates an alias for a table


Aggregation = Performing an operation on rows or groups

group by - groups rows by values in some column

having - filters out groups using some conditional (need a group by)

Aggregate functions: max/min, count, sum, avg

Updating Tables

insert into- inserts values into columns

values - for when you want to add in a full row

delete from - deletes rows based on some conditional

update - updates values in a specified column, either in some rows or all